Birgit Luesgen, MNRES
Granville Johnson Multimedia
Partner and Business Manager
Masters Project
University of Northern British Columbia
Birgit Luesgen, 2006
A Combination of Four Planning Models for
Use in First Nations Enviromental Health (pdf)
Project submitted in Partial Fulfillment of
the Requirements for the Degree of
Master of Natural Resources and
Environmental Studies
I am the General Manager and Administrator of Granville Johnson Multimedia (GJM).
I bring planning and research skills combined with vast experience in project and
program management to the business. Many years of working in First Nations'
Environmental Health have given me unique insights into the social, cultural, and
environmental fabric of Northern British Columbia, Canada.
My vision is to blend my German-European cultural background and heritage
with the realities of my present life and Canadian lifestyle; thus to facilitate:
learning, sharing, understanding and appreciating diverse cultural backgrounds
through the expression and distribution of art in a global environment.