GJM / Sssnap Drum Circle Workshop Tour Fee Requirements:

Travel costs:

Food: (appropriate meals)

Accommodation for myself and drums: (if needed).

Millage: $.45/km round trip from Home/Office (Sincliar Mills, BC), for one vehicle.


Millage: $.45/km round trip from Home/Office, Sincliar Mills, BC to Valemount, BC: 732 KM.

During the Winter months the road conditions require that we drive

91 KM. to the junction of Upper Fraser Road (our only road in or out of

the Sinclair Mills community) and Highway 16, East of Prince George. We would then turn East

via Highway 16 toward Valemount, a distance of 275 KM. (one way).

Thus... 91KM. + 275 KM x 2 = 732 KM x $.45 = $329.40 (Example: Travel Fee for Valemount Tour).


Full day: 6 hrs, plus lunch (30 to 45 min.) and short breaks when necessary: $400.

1/2 day: 3 hrs, including short breaks when necessary: $250.

Evening: 2 hrs, including short breaks when necessary: $150.

Multiple days: Negotiated Fee.

Workshop Levels... Multi-level, variable skill set approach:

Inclusive Options:

Stroke Technique, Beginning/Intro level

Expression, Intermediate/Advanced level

Poly-rhythms / Speed drumming, Advanced level

Mini Drum Clinic, Djembe Maintenance and Tuning

Sssnap Studio Performance (30 - 45 min.)

Drums... 30 Djembe drums assorted sizes (available for workshop use and sales).

Sm. 8” head

Med. 10” head

Lrg. 12” head

X-Lrg. 14” head

Where possible, we also will have Djembe drum bags (med. & lrg.), drum belts, and Bolga

Baskets of various styles and sizes on display and for sale.
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